Our Signature Program

Emerging Young Leaders

Inside Out

Participants will develop an understanding of the importance of self-image and self-awareness. This message teaches the importance of personal growth and how to systematically move from accidental to intentional growth. This session will open the minds of participants to realize their full potential.

The Leader in Me

Participants will harness an understanding of what true leadership is and what it takes to be a real success. This session will help participants achieve even greater success by learning and integrating critical principles that will determine their leadership development.

Dream BIG

Participants will receive an assessment of their dreams and training in the importance of goal setting and how to put goals into action. This session will provide a powerful learning process that will help participants select suitable careers and/or workforce goals that will greatly increase the likelihood of success post high school.

Healthy and Whole

Participants will discover that the highest form of leadership is self-leadership. This session will help participants become leaders in 8 categories of their life to keep them from being overwhelmed as well as help them focus on important areas at home, school, and life.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Leadership
  • Personal Growth
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • College/Workforce Readiness

It's All About Choices

Participants will be equipped in risk behavior reduction and learn practical tools to develop healthy relationships. This session will help participants understand how the power of choices that can lead to either negative health consequences or a positive healthy life.